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A foreclosure will greatly impact your life. You could potentially be facing foreclosure due to illness, job loss, or a catastrophic event. With our best cash offer, you can sell your house to us and keep the foreclosure off your record.

  • Fair market cash value for your home
  • Quickly close and get your money
  • Get a fresh start
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Why you should sell your house before foreclosure

Before your home gets foreclosed, you should sell your house for cash as quickly as possible. Why? Because more often than not,  you cannot afford the consequences.

If you don’t move quickly enough, the bank can sell your home at an auction. Not only will this impact your credit score, but you will be facing an eviction. Even worse? The bank may sue you for the remaining mortgage payment if it sells it auction for less than what is owed.

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Turn to Senna House Buyers

The consequences of not selling your home before or during foreclosure can be catastrophic. By turning to Senna Home Buyers, we can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours. We will work with you to help you avoid the worst possible outcome so that you can start the work of rebuilding your life after financial hardship.

  • Buy a new property sooner
  • Avoid a foreclosure on your credit report
  • Avoid a deficiency balance lawsuit by the bank

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Sell My House Fast: Our Buying Process

Senna House Buyers has a team of understanding professionals. A foreclosure is something that could happen to anyone. That is why we will not take you for granted. We will offer you a competitive and comparable cash offer—regardless of condition! Because of our firm full disclosure policy, you will always be in the loop when you work with Senna House Buyers.

For other reasons to sell your house such as inheritance, divorce, unmanageable repairs, and/or to payoff debts/liens, contact us today!

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