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Investment Properties for Sale in Houston, TX

Senna House Buyers has investment properties ready to buy today! Our process is simple: just call or email and we’ll guide you through from beginning to end! Below are just a few common FAQs we receive. Feel free to contact us with any more inquiries.

What is a disposition property?

Disposition, in trusts and estates law, is the transfer, gift or sale of property from one individual to another. Disposition is generally done through a deed or will and involves transfer of possession. At Senna House Buyers, we have an inventory of disposition properties for sale. Check out our inventory below and make an offer today!

Disposition Properties for Sale: FAQs

What value does Senna House Buyers offer with these dispo properties?
Pricing 20% or more below market minus repair value

What can buyers expect with these disposition properties?
As-is purchases! Buyers must pay with cash or hard money. Buyers pay closing costs.

What does the “sale process” look like? How can I get started with buying a disposition property today?
Email or call Senna House Buyers with any questions, or if you would like to make an offer. If accepted, we will send over the assignment contract for you to review/sign. Once signed, our transaction coordinator will guide you through the closing process.