How do I sell my house in Houston, Texas FAST?

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Senna’s 3 STEP process is simple & easy

  • First, send us some basic information. To start, we’ll need to know your contact information and the address of the home or property.
  • Next, we’ll get in touch with you the same day. We’ll learn about your current situation and get additional information about your property.
  • Then, Senna House Buyers will give you an offer! In little as 24 hours, we can give you a fair cash offer!

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A quicker way to sell your home & get the cash you need

By calling us, you get to deal with the buyer directly. There is no waiting, there is no other decision maker, there are no showings, agents, etc. You get to cut out the middleman and speak directly to the buyer. This uncomplicates the process allowing us to move MUCH faster. For more information on the way way to sell your house in Houston, TX, call us today!

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Why you can trust Senna House Buyers for your quick home sale

We don’t do “weasel clauses” — There are home buyers out there that will offer you a high initial cash offer, then want to come back with a bunch of “clauses” and ask for huge price reductions—sometimes right before closing. This is a disgusting business practice. An offer from Senna House Buyers is fair with full disclosures.

We put your interests first — When are you looking to sell your home, our focus is not on our benefit; our focus is how we can help you. If we don’t think we’re 100% the right fit to buy your home, we won’t buy your home. Rest assured by working with Senna, you are teaming with professional home investors that will prioritize your needs.

We have a great track record — We have numerous reviews, use Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) standard contracts, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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We are going to look at how you can sell a house for cash in TX.

We will discuss how the process works and how you can get ahold of us.

We’ll view the home

The next part of the process is looking at the home. A Senna House Buyers team member(s) will come to the house and look at it. You don’t need to fix anything—broken tiles, light fixtures, it’s fine. Worried about someone coming into the home? Senna House Buyers can schedule a virtual visit where you can allow us to see the home via video chat.

The big things we look for is the current state of the home, the home’s potential, yard (doesn’t have to be cut!) and the size and available space of the entire property. During an in-person visit, we may take pictures. For virtual visits, you can submit pictures to us or we may take screen captures. The photos will be used as reference for us to help determine a cash offer.

We’ll give you a cash offer

Usually within 24 hours, you will be given an offer from Senna House Buyers. This value is based upon various factors, including the current market as well as your home’s potential. You will receive this offer directly from us and not a third party.

Then we’ll close and get you your cash

If you accept our offer, then we can proceed to setting a date for closing. Because we want to ensure a stress-free process, closing costs will be covered by Senna House Buyers. After the transaction closes, you will get your cash from us!

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If you are need to sell your home quickly, we can help. We’ve helped numerous homeowners across Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and the surrounding areas sell their homes for cash fast for reasons such as:

  • Inheritance
  • Foreclosure
  • Financial hardship
  • Flood and fire damage
  • Debt and liens
  • Tired landlord
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