Think Your House is Unsellable? We Can Buy It!

Most, if not all, Houston house sellers would prefer to sell their house quickly. Nobody wants to have dozens of prospects walking through their house, opening their drawers and inspecting their closets. Not many enjoy the negotiating process and dealing with low-ball offers. There aren’t many sellers who can smile while they pay a real estate agent a significant portion of their hard-earned equity after months of their house being on the market.

Virtually every real estate agent will tell you that a house needs to be ready to move in, have curb appeal, and may even need expensive repairs to sell quickly. The problem is, even after spending the money to fix up the house and taking the extraordinary time it may take to sell it, the results may still be disappointing.

Your Houston House Is NOT Unsellable

Not unsellable house
Well, that’s unless your house is, say, that one, the one to the upper right. But you can sell the property surrounding that!

The reality is that even if a house needs major repairs, it is not unsellable. Not when sellers turn to a trusted real estate investor like Senna House Buyers. Senna House Buyers are Houston house buyers that specialize in purchasing houses in any condition. They are experienced in looking past a property’s issues and making a fair offer on real estate in any shape. They have the time and resources to purchase properties, for cash, all while quickly avoiding the long process of traditional house sales. It also bypasses any real estate sales commissions!

Get Cash Quickly

Senna House Buyers knows there is a market for those who want, or need, to sell their houses quickly. There may be a divorce involve, tax issues, or a pending relocation. They are prepared to offer cash, and complete the closing process within weeks instead of months. Senna House Buyers has been able to complete transactions in as little as ten days!

Your House’s Condition Is Not a Concern

When you sell to Senna House Buyers, you don’t have to worry about repairs, curb appeal, or even spotlessly cleaning your house. Senna House Buyers purchases houses, for cash, where they are and how they are. It couldn’t be easier or quicker!

Learn More About Senna House Buyers Today

Senna House Buyers is a family owned, Houston based real estate investor who is a member of the Better Business Bureau. They pride themselves on responsiveness and ethics. If you think your Houston house is unsellable, in its current condition, contact Senna House Buyers today.