Yes, Your House Can Really Sell That Fast!

Do you want to sell your Houston house fast? Perhaps do you even need to sell your Houston house fast due to a divorce, tax lien, problem tenants, or because you simply want to move on with life? No matter what your reasons, it is possible to sell your Houston area home quickly with the help of a trusted real estate investor like Senna House Buyers.

Not Real Estate Agents

The reality of it is there are a lot of real estate agents in the Houston, TX market who are looking to pick up valuable properties on the cheap. They understand when they talk to a potential seller about listing their property who is in a hurry, and perhaps even desperate, to sell a property fast. They are many times all too willing to help facilitate a private sale to the agent to “help” the seller out. The problem is, many of these agents take advantage of sellers who came to them to help their properties.

Senna House Buyers is not a real estate agency. We are real estate investors and are very upfront about what we do. We buy real estate in the Houston, Texas area in any condition and get cash into your hands quickly.

Fast Sale

How Quickly?

While the traditional real estate sales process can take months, Senna House Buyers knows how to get the entire process completed quickly. We have completed sales in as little as nine days from initial contact to closing. If that is the kind of time-frame you can appreciate, it may be time to contact Senna House Buyers.

Can You Really Sell a House that Fast?

Absolutely. Senna House Buyers is an experienced, family owned and operated company that is local. We are an A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. We have built our business by treating people with respect, conducting business with integrity, and helping house owners resolve financial issues quickly. With Senna House Buyers you won’t have to pay real estate agency commissions, invest in repairs, and spend months waiting for your home to sell. You will simply be getting a cash price to sell your home to Senna House Buyers without the hassles and expense of listing it.

If you are wondering, “just how can I sell my house fast in Houston?” In as little as 9 days, it can be done. Contact Senna House Buyers and get started today!