Why Senna Instead of an agent?

Because you want to sell it not list it

The housing market is tricky. If you have decided to jump in you should know some of the best methods used by smart sellers to experience an easy sell. Many have found out through trial and error that contacting an agent can be tedious, not to mention expensive – it simply may not be the best direction for you and your needs.

Real estate agents usually ask homeowners to make repairs and upgrades, open their home to strangers for multiple views and possibly to rent costly staging furniture and accessories. If you are lucky enough to achieve a sell with an agent, there will be an inspection. If anything is found in the inspection, buyers will ask that you make the costly repairs or knock off the difference in your asking price.

There is a much easier solution! Working with Senna House Buyers means we close when YOU want to, you don’t have to make repairs, no stranger-danger viewings in your house at inconvenient hours and no drawn out sales process.



Typical Selling Requirements

Commissions and Fees:
Closing Costs:
Financing Contingency:
Number of Days Until Property is SOLD:
Closing Date:

Listing Your Property with an Agent

Typically 6% paid by YOU
Typically 2% paid by YOU
Yes, possibility for sale to fall through
Yes, possibility for sale to fall through
Possibility of being on the market for months
Open houses, lock-box, constant showings
30-60 Days Once Offer is Accepted

Selling Your Property with Senna House Buyers

NONE – we pay all closing costs
Not Required
NONE – We make same day CASH OFFERS
Not Required
Just us
Your Choice


We care about your situation.

We work with people facing many different scenarios. We’ll buy your house fast for cash. Here are a few ways we can serve you:

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax Lien
  • Probate
  • Unwanted Inheritance
  • Problem Tenants
  • Simply not wanting to deal with listings, agents, or showings

Don't hesitate. Contact us Today.