What is the Senna Difference?

For those that wish to sell their Houston, TX area homes quickly, there are few options. Traditional real estate listings can take months. Selling a house by oneself can be a lengthy and frustrating process!

There is another option that is growing in popularity. For those seeking to sell their home quickly, real estate investors are becoming a widely trusted option, but not all real estate investors are the same. Here are some reasons that Senna Home Buyers may be your best choice for selling your Houston home. Here are just some of the Senna differences.

Senna House Buyers are not real estate agents.

Senna House Buyers are strictly investors. They are not real estate agents, don’t charge commissions, and do not make sellers wait until they find a buyer to get their money.

Senna House Buyers is family owned.

Those wanting to sell their Houston homes quickly are not selling to a large, impersonal corporation. Senna House Buyers is local and family owned. They are building their reputation as well as their business. They want the process to be a win-win one.

Senna House Buyers is Better Business Bureau Accredited.

Senna House Buyers is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Business. They have a reputation for going above and beyond to help those in need of selling their house quickly.

We'll buy your old house
Even if your house looks like this, we’ll buy it!

Senna House Buyers buys homes in any condition.

Sellers don’t need to worry about making expensive or time-consuming repairs. Senna buys homes where they are and how they are and they pay cash.

Senna House Buyers close on properties quickly.

Sellers get cash quickly from Senna House Buyers. Some sellers have gotten cash for their properties in as little as nine days!

Senna House Buyers is a hassle-free way to sell a house.

When homeowners sell to Senna House Buyers, they don’t have to worry about agent commissions, open houses, fixing up the property, or having a myriad of potential buyers interrupt their life. Senna simply makes an offer on the property, then the seller accepts or reject it. It couldn’t be easier or more hassle-free!

There are many reasons people want to sell a Houston house quickly. There may be a divorce, bankruptcy, or tax issue involved. For those seeking a quick and easy way to sell their Houston property, discover the Senna House Buyers difference.