What Can Home Investors Do for You?

If you are considering the sale of a house, your first thought may be to sell it through the traditional real estate process. This is where you prepare your home for sale, improve its curb appeal, list it with a realtor, and have people come through your house, either through set appointments or perhaps via an open house.It is where, hopefully, you’ll find an interested buyer, they make an offer and you accept it or reject it. If you accept it, there could be an additional several weeks until the property is able to be closed on. This can take months and months and, of course, there will be real estate sales commissions to pay.

Another alternative you may consider is selling the house yourself or by utilizing an online real estate “package” service. This process will save you significantly on the real estate commission side, but it can still take months. You now will also be doing most of the work yourself.

old house to sell
There are better ways to sell your property, whatever its condition!

Are you struggling to sell your house fast in Houston? There is another alternative that is gaining traction in the Houston real estate market: selling to home investors.

What Are Home Investors?

Home investors are individuals or companies who make wholesale cash offers on real estate. It is their intention to either make money on a property usually by fixing it up and selling it, or by using it as a rental income property. Most home investors will buy houses “as-is, where is” and the process can be much quicker than a traditional real estate listing.

What Makes Senna House Buyers Different

Senna House Buyers is a local and widely trusted family owned company. We know that to sell your house, we need to operate with honesty and integrity. Our staff will explain the process in thorough detail and make an offer on your house quickly. We will handle the paperwork and take the proper steps to close on your property, quickly.

If you want to see what a home investor can do for you, contact Houston’s Senna House Buyers, today!