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    Do you buy houses all over Houston, or just within a certain region?

    We focus on serving our clients in Houston and the surrounding markets. Not sure whether we buy houses in your zip code? Just give us a call to ask! We’ve worked in most parts of the metro area. We may also be able to give you some suggestions if your house is outside of our service area.

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    What kinds of homes do you prefer to buy?

    We have no preference. We’ve purchased homes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a 1-bedroom condo to a million-dollar home. Our main concern is giving you a fair offer for your house and helping you to solve the problems that have driven you to sell. We’re property experts, so we can make the most of any property you bring to the table.

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    How does your house buying service compare to your competition?

    No other house buying service is going to take as much time as we do with you, the buyer. Most services will take 10-20 minutes to ask a few basic questions and glance over your house. We do an in-depth survey of your needs, take the time to explain market conditions, show you our repair estimates, and more. By the time you decide to accept our no-obligation offer you’ll have hard numbers to back up your decision and a good understanding of what we need from you. We refuse to let you enter this process feeling confused, worried you’re being ripped off, or left in the dark. We want the entire experience to be very positive for you.


  • Senna House Buyers

    The answer to my prayers.
    I stayed up nights worrying until I found out about Senna.

    I really needed to sell, but the realtor I contacted said there was no way unless I could make a bunch of repairs. I couldn’t possibly find the $15,000 to do that. Senna’s way was so much easier. I got what I needed, and it was a real win-win.

    Franklin N.
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  • Senna House Buyers

    A great solution.
    I never thought it could be this easy.

    I really didn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling my home, but I was afraid no home buying service would give me a fair offer. I’m glad I gave Senna the chance to show me what they could do. The offer was incredibly fair, and the sale was a done deal by the end of the week. A cash sale let me walk away from my house and get on with my life.

    Karen P.
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