Top 5 Factors in a Texas Home Appraisal

Home AppraisalAn appraisal of a home provides a basis for determining what the property is worth. Homes must be appraised correctly to avoid financial losses on the part of the seller or buyer. While many factors influence the valuation of a home, these items can be broken down into the following groups.


Curb appeal and cleanliness of a home are only part of what is considered about the condition. While drywall, carpeting and flooring that requires replacement will reduce the appraised value, other issues carry more weight. The more expensive any required repair work, the more the value of the property decreases.

The effective property age home that may be older, but has updated HVAC, electrical, plumbing and a new roof, will be younger than a newer home with old or failing systems.

Comparison values

Comparable property sales, or comps, assign a net value or an estimate based on averages. This figure takes into account the property type, location and size. However, more information must be factored for the correct result. If a property is extremely unique, the process can become complicated.

For example, if a home has an indoor pool, elevators and full solar power system, it cannot be easily compared to similar sized homes in the area without these features. Unfortunately, many improvements made to a property may be valuable to the owner, but a liability to a potential buyer. The buyer might have no interest in a pool or an elevator.

Property type

Property information will include the zoning classification and whether the property conforms to the classification. If the property is in a FEMA Flood Hazard area, the information will be noted. This can be critical for appraisals in Texas, as the area may require flood insurance.


Location in real estate is always an important factor. However, location must be looked at in more than one way. While the proximity to desirable features, including highways, shopping or entertainment is beneficial, the benefit can be removed by other issues.

A property that is surrounded by vacant and run down homes will be not receive as high a value as an identical property surrounded by well kept homes.

Square footage

Square footage calculations include all of the area of the property. This includes the size of the lot and all finished and unfinished living space. When garages, storage sheds or barns are on the property, these also factor into the overall value.

The Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) is a form that is commonly used in completing property appraisals in Texas. A Cost Approach to Value system may also be used. This method is often used with newer homes and uses the amount required to replace the property and the actual land value.

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