The Senna Story

Who are we?

Senna House Buyers was originally started in 2012 by Father and Son Robert and Sam Craven. Sam’s high school friend, Mat Trenchard, is also now a Managing Partner for the company. The house buying industry has earned itself a negative reputation over the years and we are here to change that.  At Senna, we believe great businesses are built on great values.  We see the bad actors in this industry as an opportunity to have a larger positive implant on our client’s lives through education and great customer service.  No one else in Houston is willing to strive for the next level of customer service that Senna strives to provide. This customer focused philosophy has fueled our growth year after year and will continuing to be our driving force as we expand.

The Senna Difference

We sit down with our clients and explain the entire process.  In Houston, our typical sales cycle is 3 months to get a contract and 30-45 days to close.  Factors such as location and time of year cause this to vary. Working with Senna House Buyers, you can save a significant amount by not having to pay costly fees and commission rates to a real estate agent.  More importantly, we will save your TIME.  We take on the responsibility of connecting the dots and making the process as seamless as possible.

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Senna House Buyers Gives Back

Helping our clients doesn’t always mean just buying their house. We want to give back to the community as well. One out of state client we had recently inherited a house and a car and had no idea what to do with either of these assets. We purchased the house and made the out of state transaction simple and easy but we didn’t stop there. The car wasn’t new but with a little bit of work it could be a reliable family car. Sam Craven, one of our owners, spent a weekend working in the garage getting it ready for the road. Then we reached out to a few local churches looking for a deserving family in need to transportation.  Now, this loving family is MOBILE!

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Integrity


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