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My husband and I were in a tight spot and decided to consider companies that promote “we buy houses”. We took the time to meet with three different companies, but two of them seemed rather shady. Not only did one man bother to not even show, the other stated on a few occasions that he had to “consult” with his partner, and he was in and out, and I was the one that had to follow up. Senna House Buyers actually took the time to come in, sit down, and talk. I had the opportunity to meet with Alex and Clarissa. Alex answered all my questions, genuinely seemed to care, and even recommended other options, that were outside their business! Not only that, my husband and I took one of his recommendations, and he STILL followed up to make sure everything was ok. The customer service was unbelievable, and well above expectations. It’s really great to know that some companies were built because people actually care and want to help out their neighbors. I would recommend them to anybody, without question. I did my research, so others don’t have to.

Rachel S.

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I purchased a property from you guys earlier this year and it has worked out excellent! The estimate provided by Robert on the rehab of the property was spot on, and it rented for what I had expected. Not only that it appraised for $10k MORE than was expected! I have been very happy working with Senna House Buyers and I hope to buy more from them.

Robin G.

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About 6 months ago I met Robert Craven and it was such an eye-opening and rewarding experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate my dealings with him at around 15! He was very professional, courteous and most of all kind.

He went above and beyond any expectations I had when I decided to sell my house. The thought of going through everything and making all the decisions
that come with leaving a home I had lived in for almost 30 years was so overwhelming, but Robert helped me all the way by taking over tasks that would have swallowed me.
He helped guide me through all the steps needed to sell my house, gave me ample time to pack and move and worked with me in all aspects in order to make it as easy for me as he could. I can't express how much I appreciated him and would recommend Robert Craven--as a matter of fact, I have many times in the past few months.

JoAnn R.

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I have purchased two homes from Senna House Buyers this year and look forward to purchasing more from them in 2014. I live in the greater DC area and have targeted Houston as an area to build a portfolio of investment properties. Being remote, I need to have a team that I can trust. Sam and Senna House Buyers have proven to be reliable members of my team. They work hard to find great deals. The properties have performed as projected. I especially appreciate that they provide detailed proposed repair estimates so that I can get a more realistic sense of my all in costs. I am glad to be working with them.

Kevin M.

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I had to rent a house that had been vacant for a while. Renting it out again was going to require several repairs and upgrades. I figured I could either spend the money and take the time to make the repairs or I would just sell it. I asked Robert Craven with Senna House Buyers to take a look at it to see what he thought.

Mr. Craven met me at the house and we did a walk thru of the property. He went over all the items that go into his estimate and made me an offer. After deciding to sell to him, we agreed on a price and everything happened just as he said. We closed on the house in a timely manner. I didn’t have to do a thing except show up at the closing table and accept my funds. It was hassle free on my part. I had a home that needed some work and Senna House Buyers put cash in my pocket. I would be delighted to deal with Mr. Craven again as I found him to be dependable and honest, and he really knows his business.

Margaret E.

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Thank-you for making this difficult situation so trouble-free. I appreciate your patience with my family, as well as your generosity.

Keep operating by the ‘Golden Rule’ and great things will continue to develop as you grow your enterprise with your family.

Rodney G.

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my warmest appreciation on selling my home to your company a few months ago. The process was seamless, professional and the entire Team which aided in the process was bar none. I had the misfortune of getting caught up in a purchase of a home for some friends and they left me holding the bag after the first year, with a 40 year note. I know, that’s similar to what I said, as well. However, God is good someone stepped in and picked up helping pay for the property but then fell on bad times and I was stuck again. After 11 years of going back and forth with trying to unravel this situation, I received a note from Alex (Senna). I kept dismissing the fact that they could resolve my issues and allow me to walk away free and clear and recover some of the expenses I poured into this project but unbeknown to me, that’s exactly what happened!

We went back in forth for an few weeks and came up with a strategy, with a Win-Win, for everyone involved, down to the person who was still living in the property. I can with a clear conscious say, ‘everyone was able to walk away, feeling empowered by the negotiations and personal choices, which were made’, and I received the wire from the proceeds the next day in my checking account! I did not have to pay any closing, make any repairs or ANYTHING.

Now, here’s the icing on the cake, I was able to share my experience with another friend, and just by referring my friend, I got a nice bonus after they sold their home to Senna House Buyers. “Does anyone like Double Dip?”

Thank you all so much!

Ms. Walker

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