Rudder G.

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We had to sell our home quickly. Alex and Sam came in, did a work estimate on their first viewing and provided a firm cash offer with no option period. When we closed, the price they offered was the price we were paid. If anyone else is in the same position where they need to sell quickly, be aware that the competitors will come, view the house and give you a high number. Once you sign with them, they will have their contractors come in and provide the estimate on what it will take to rehab the house. They will then come back and negotiate a lower price. Every. Single. Time. The competitors will also have an option period which will tie up your time while they negotiate a lower price. In a situation where you need to sell fast, your options become more limited as option periods go through the days. We went with one of the other guys and what happened is exactly as stated above. Thankfully, Sam and Alex were still there, nothing changed with their offer, and we closed on the date originally promised. Why should you trust them? When they first come to view your property, they work up their own estimate on how much rehab will cost, so they know how much they can offer in order to make the deal profitable. No offer price pulled out of the air before contractors provide an estimate. Second, they put good money in escrow (more than $1k in our case). Third, they have no option period in which to back out of the deal.

Rudder G. December 19, 2017