Rachel S.

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My husband and I were in a tight spot and decided to consider companies that promote “we buy houses”. We took the time to meet with three different companies, but two of them seemed rather shady. Not only did one man bother to not even show, the other stated on a few occasions that he had to “consult” with his partner, and he was in and out, and I was the one that had to follow up. Senna House Buyers actually took the time to come in, sit down, and talk. I had the opportunity to meet with Alex and Clarissa. Alex answered all my questions, genuinely seemed to care, and even recommended other options, that were outside their business! Not only that, my husband and I took one of his recommendations, and he STILL followed up to make sure everything was ok. The customer service was unbelievable, and well above expectations. It’s really great to know that some companies were built because people actually care and want to help out their neighbors. I would recommend them to anybody, without question. I did my research, so others don’t have to.

Rachel S. August 18, 2017