Ms. Walker

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my warmest appreciation on selling my home to your company a few months ago. The process was seamless, professional and the entire Team which aided in the process was bar none. I had the misfortune of getting caught up in a purchase of a home for some friends and they left me holding the bag after the first year, with a 40 year note. I know, that’s similar to what I said, as well. However, God is good someone stepped in and picked up helping pay for the property but then fell on bad times and I was stuck again. After 11 years of going back and forth with trying to unravel this situation, I received a note from Alex (Senna). I kept dismissing the fact that they could resolve my issues and allow me to walk away free and clear and recover some of the expenses I poured into this project but unbeknown to me, that’s exactly what happened!

We went back in forth for an few weeks and came up with a strategy, with a Win-Win, for everyone involved, down to the person who was still living in the property. I can with a clear conscious say, ‘everyone was able to walk away, feeling empowered by the negotiations and personal choices, which were made’, and I received the wire from the proceeds the next day in my checking account! I did not have to pay any closing, make any repairs or ANYTHING.

Now, here’s the icing on the cake, I was able to share my experience with another friend, and just by referring my friend, I got a nice bonus after they sold their home to Senna House Buyers. “Does anyone like Double Dip?”

Thank you all so much!

Ms. Walker June 19, 2017