Margaret E.

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I had to rent a house that had been vacant for a while. Renting it out again was going to require several repairs and upgrades. I figured I could either spend the money and take the time to make the repairs or I would just sell it. I asked Robert Craven with Senna House Buyers to take a look at it to see what he thought.

Mr. Craven met me at the house and we did a walk thru of the property. He went over all the items that go into his estimate and made me an offer. After deciding to sell to him, we agreed on a price and everything happened just as he said. We closed on the house in a timely manner. I didn’t have to do a thing except show up at the closing table and accept my funds. It was hassle free on my part. I had a home that needed some work and Senna House Buyers put cash in my pocket. I would be delighted to deal with Mr. Craven again as I found him to be dependable and honest, and he really knows his business.

Margaret E. July 3, 2017