The Senna Difference

It is fairly common for people who do not have a great deal of experience in the real estate industry to recommend against selling your home to an investor. “Never trust an investor!”, they say, but the truth is that this distrust for the industry costs many people the opportunities that they desperately need. In the midst of this negative view of the industry, there are opportunities for those looking to sell their homes that are being missed.

What is the Senna difference?

Here at Senna House Buyers we treat every customer like family and we deliver on all of our promises.

✓ Honesty

It’s always good to be skeptical when dealing with property and sales. However, this does not mean that you should reject, wholesale, the idea of an investor buying homes. A number of clients have come to Senna House Buyers after being burned by unethical investors or after having received bad advice.

Senna House Buyers will go so far as to seek out a second opinion for their clients at absolutely no cost to them. We are happy to do this because we are a real estate solutions company whose chief focus is on doing right by our clients.

✓ Transparency

The Senna House Buyers staff in Houston, Texas, that understands the bad reputation that the investor-home-buyer industry has. However, the professionals at Senna Home will not look to talk fast, confuse, deceive, or otherwise obfuscate what is happening.

Instead, we will seek to inform clients of the home investing process while staying in close-to-constant contact with them. For many, this removes much of the stress of a real estate transaction, which can be a tad confusing to begin with. We believe that remaining thoroughly transparent is crucial to the daily operation of Senna House Buyers.

✓ Integrity

Many people are scared of all the paperwork that must inevitably be tackled when it comes to real estate transactions, but when sellers come to Senna House Buyers, they do not have to worry about all of that. Instead, we take care of the document preparation and fees associated with the sale.

Senna House Buyers’ staff are each prepared to explain every facet of the process to clients in order to make them more comfortable with the idea of selling their house to an investor.

Senna House Buyers Will Guide You

Many people who get involved in the buying or selling of real estate, particularly if they’ve been pushed into it quickly, find themselves getting a little overwhelmed. Make no mistake; this is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. The Senna Difference lies in the fact that, unlike many other companies, the staff here takes pride in being able to build meaningful relationships with our sellers. We seek to ensure that our clients not only understand our recommended course of action, but all of their other options too.

At Senna House Buyers, we will not abandon you to figure out things on your own. Instead, the experts at Senna House Buyers will patiently explain and expound upon each of the various options available to you. House sellers that choose to come to Senna House Buyers are always thankful to have had our help and the help of our courteous staff.

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