Tips to Sell Your House Fast in Houston

sell your house fast HoustonSelling a house fast in Houston can be a challenge. There are the preparations and repairs to be made. The house needs to be advertised and potentially listed with a realtor. There may be open houses and property showings to go through. There is the dance of the bidding process and potentially weeks of waiting for a buyer to secure financing. The time it takes going from the decision to sell a home to the actual closing can be months. There are some tips to selling your home quickly, even in the “off-season”.

Set Appropriate Expectations on Pricing

Many homes take extra time to sell because they are simply priced too high. Sure, you want to get the best price but some sellers are unrealistic about their expectations. Buyers generally shop with a budget in mind and the higher your price, the more limited your prospects. Many sellers add the cost of their real estate agent to the price of their home and that can be detrimental.

Consider Your Real Estate Investor Opportunities

There are alternatives to listing your house with a real estate agent. One such alternative is selling your home to a Houston real estate investor like Senna House Buyers. Senna House buyers are not real estate agents, but real estate investors. Senna buys houses directly from sellers without a middleman and without the lengthy home listing process. They buy homes in “as is” condition and there are no improvement or repairs you will have to make before selling your house. Best of all, the process can be completed in as little as a couple of weeks as opposed to months.

Why Senna House Buyers?

Senna House Buyers are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. They move through every transaction with integrity and work to complete your sale quickly. They buy homes from cash and there is no waiting for financing.

There are many reasons why sellers may want to sell their homes quickly. There may be property tax issues or the sellers may be going through a divorce. Maybe a home was inherited by out of town owners who don’t want to go through the traditional sales process. With Senna House Buyers, there are no real estate commissions to recoup. We make an offer and if you accept it, we go to work completing the transaction quickly.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Houston for cash, contact Senna House Buyers today!