Sell Your House Fast! And You Don’t Need a Realtor.

When attempting to sell a house, one of your main goals should be to save money. When using a realtor, you may end up spending more than you save. Add in any negotiated repairs, and you start to wonder if you are really getting a deal.

With Houston experiencing new growth, the housing market is slowly on the upswing, but is still going back and forth. In these situations, using the real estate investors at Senna House Buyers can help.

Sell House Fast No Realtor

What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate investor?

A real estate agent works to bring a buyer and seller together to close housing deals. They need a license to do business and don’t purchase property. Agents deal with pricing, have access to the MLS system and inside housing information. They receive commissions and gain a profit on the homes they sell.

Real estate investors can sell a house fast.

A real estate investor is someone who can purchase property, improve it and resell. They are privy to many different types of strategies such as flipping houses, buy and hold, seller financing, lease-options and more.

You want or need to sell your home fast without all the red tape of going through an agent. Real estate investors are the principal. Investors don’t deal in pricing like agents, but can work with or as an agent to find and sell properties.

How does the Senna House Buyers process work?

We make things very easy. We take all your information over the phone, do a little research, and get right back to you with an offer – cash.

We understand the legalities that may be involved when selling your home, even when you need money quickly. We’re a family run business that knows how to treat people.

You won’t find a better solution in the Houston area. Give us a call today!