Looking to Sell Your House? There’s Better Options.

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Here’s a spoiler! Did you know that we’ll buy a house in any condition?

Are you getting ready to sell your Houston area house? Are you prepared for the sometimes lengthy and bumpy road that may lie ahead? Selling a property is an involved legal and negotiation process that can take much longer than some homeowners are prepared for. Here’s a closer look at the traditional way of selling a house (through a real estate agent) and what you can expect.

You’ll Want to Screen Your Real Estate Agent

Make sure they have the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to get the sale done. Many agents are more interested in securing a listing than making the sale.

Pricing Your House Properly

You’ll want to price your house competitively. Asking too much will eliminate some prospects. Of course, you have to add in sales commissions and closing costs to the price.

You’ll Likely Want to Clean Up

Getting a house ready to sell can take effort, money and time. You may want to paint, landscape, clean, and otherwise “stage” your house.

Be Ready for Interruptions

Prospects may want to view your house at any time. Of course, you want to do your best to accommodate them.

The Bidding Process

For many, this can be the most stressful part of selling a house. Which offer is too low? Should you decline an offer and move on? Is the buyer qualified?

Securing Financing

Once you get an offer you have accepted, it is still up to the buyer to secure financing. If they don’t qualify for a mortgage, you are back to square one.

The Final Sale

Closing is the final sale of the property and a lot can happen to delay closing. It can take weeks to close on a property, even if there aren’t any issues.

The Senna House Buyers Option

There is an alternative for selling houses in Houston. That choice is selling to Senna House Buyers.

We Buy Properties Quickly

Senna House Buyers are not real estate agents. They buy properties where is and as is. You give Senna House Buyers a call and you’ll quickly have a cash offer in hand. Perhaps best of all, you can close on your property in less than two weeks from the date of accepting their offer.

We’ll sell your house for cash in Houston, quickly.

If you are getting ready to sell your Houston, TX house, look at all your alternatives. Discover why more and more house sellers are turning to the convenience, speed and integrity of Senna House Buyers.