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    How much can I sell my house for?

    Every house is different, but it’s good to know what we’ll be thinking about when we evaluate our home.

    The biggest factors will be local market conditions and the condition of your property. When we come to your property we’ll make sure you understand both by showing you what the houses in your neighborhood have been selling for. We’ll also talk about how we calculated the repairs and updates so you can make an informed decision about whether our no-obligation offer is right for you.

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    How long does it take to sell my house?

    When you work with Senna House Buyers the process is as fast or as slow as you need it to be. Our record has been two days to close, but we’re committed to working with your schedule and timeline. While most people come to us because they need to get out of their house fast we can offer more time to close if you need it. We can even make arrangements with you if you need to stay in the house for up to 30 days after closing, giving you time to move!

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    Why should I sell my house to Senna House Buyers?

    No other house buying service is going to spend as much time with you as Senna will. If it takes us two or three hours to explain the entire process to you and answer all your questions, then that is what we are committed to doing. Everyone else you call will only get basic information from you. We’re going to take some time to really understand what’s driving you to seek our solutions. When we come to your house we’re going to really examine your entire situation and structure an offer that is right for you.

    Selling your house is a big decision. We believe that that decision should be made as a team and with all the right information.


  • Senna House Buyers

    Senna makes selling a snap.
    They were the people I turned to when I needed to get the job done quick.

    I inherited my grandmother’s house. A nice gesture, but I live halfway around the country and the place needed a ton of repairs. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of putting it on the open market, so I called Senna. Alex helped me, and it was one of the quickest experiences of my life.

    Peter Q.
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  • Senna House Buyers

    The people to turn to when you need real solutions.
    Helped me sell when I had a lien.

    I never thought I could sell my house, but I didn’t want to see it just get taken away from me either. Senna bought my house, paid off the lien, and I still walked away with cash to start the next phase of my life. Great transaction.

    James B.
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