If I Manage to Sell My House Fast in Houston, How Do I Know It’s for a Reasonable Value?

For those that need to sell their Houston homes quickly, how can they be assured they are getting a reasonable value? Let’s take a look at the options available.

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Traditional Real Estate Sale Through a Real Estate Agent

To be realistic, the terms “real estate agent” and “quickly” rarely are said in the same sentence. Certainly real estate agents have their place but they are frequently more concerned with their commissions than getting you value for you home. They want listings and more listings, knowing they will eventually get a commission on something!

Sellers will be far more concerned with getting reasonable value than they will. The process can also take months and months. The “reasonable value” sellers are looking for will be compromised by a sales commission that can run into the thousands of dollars

Selling Your House Yourself

When someone decides to sell their home for themselves they are more assured of getting reasonable value but there is a cost. Sellers have to deal with placing ads, phone calls, missed appointments, property showings and have the possibility of legal errors than can ultimately cost thousands. Selling a house by oneself takes a commitment most don’t realize. It can lead to frustration that can make the owner accept an offer less than “reasonable value”.

Why Selling to an Investor Leads to Reasonable Value

Selling a house to a real estate investor can be the best option for sellers to get reasonable net value, especially if they would like to sell their house quickly. Investors have the cash to get a transaction done quickly, many times in a couple of weeks as opposed to months. Time, after all, is money. Selling to investors saves real estate agency sales commissions. Many investors, like Senna House Buyers, don’t concern themselves as much with how a property looks or its “curb appeal”. They will be ready to pay cash where and how the property stands.

So, are you still wondering, “If I manage to sell my house fast in Houston, how do I know it’s for a reasonable value?”

Senna House Buyers is working hard to build a reputation of fairness and integrity. They want sellers to understand they are getting a reasonable value for the convenience of selling a house quickly and hassle-free. If you want reasonable value from your Houston house and want it sold quickly, contact Senna House Buyers, today.