Sam Craven

Sam started Senna House Buyers with a mission to build a business that impacts the lives of its clients and team members in a positive way. He fell in love with real estate after graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Engineering. After exploring his options of starting an investment company he became disillusioned by the house buying companies in the market because they were not run by professionals and had no standards for customer service. So in 2012 Senna House Buyers was started by Sam and Robert Craven to deliver an exceptional experience for their clients.

Sam has been featured in internationally syndicated podscasts, radio shows, infomercials and news articles for our unique people centered approach to building real estate investment business. Sam also travels a few times a month to cities across the US to educate people on how they can start their own real estate business.

When not working Sam enjoys travel and overlanding with his wife, working on his cars and spending his weekends at the race track.