How Quickly Can Home Investors Buy Your House?

Conventional wisdom says that selling a home is a process that takes time. First, as a seller, you must ready the property for sale by spiffing it up to assure it looks its best, completing the deferred maintenance items that you have put off, taking stock of your stuff and, finally, interviewing agents, pricing it right, and signing a listing contract.

Then, the waiting begins. You are at the mercy of the market, the weather and the impression your home makes on prospective buyers.

Days Instead of Weeks

What can be done to ensure a quick sale? What if you have only days to secure a contract, rather than weeks or months? In some cases — inherited property, a home that requires extensive updates or repairs or is badly neglected; the need to move an aging relative into an assisted living facility — owners have compelling reasons to sell immediately.

property search, buying a house conceptThose are the times that a good quality home investor, with its network of cash-only investors and its broad knowledge of the market, can be your salvation. The demand for rental properties in the greater Houston area is high, home prices are up, and investors are ready to buy. Investors have the available funding and the expertise to assess a property, quickly evaluate its potential, and close a deal within just a few days. Our experienced team will answer all your questions and be there to assist with all the details, from first contact to final bank deposit.

Realistic Expectations

Real estate consultants sometimes advise sellers to be skeptical of investors; warning that there are “sharks”in the water who will try to buy properties far under market value. The truth is that we at Senna Properties have a reputation for helping clients maximize their property potential. As a family-owned company, we acknowledge the angst felt by families dealing with divorce, bankruptcy or probate, or those who have a financial situation that requires immediate sale.

We are able to facilitate a sale that comes very close to existing market value, without the long process of waiting for lender approval or outside inspections. We will work with you and fully explain all of your options.

The private lenders we deal with have the knowledge and resources that allow fast decisions. We pride ourselves on the ability to routinely close deals within 5 to 7 business days. If you are looking for a fast sale on your home property, please give us a call today.