Who in Houston Will Buy My House?

Senna House Buyers

As a homeowner, there may be a time when you need to quickly sell your home. The problem is, you may not have the resources or time to see the sale through with a lender. You may also have some problems going on with your home that would make any lender tell you those issues must be resolved before a sale can take place. What do you do?

A common question is who will buy my house for cash in Houston?

There are many things that can hinder the sale of your home. Here are a few worst case homeowner scenarios.

Worst Case Homeowner Scenarios and What to Do

Water and Mold Damage

If you have a burst pipe or have extensive water or mold damage from a storm, this can be hazardous to your home and your finances. When mold starts taking over in a home, it can seriously affect your appraisal and value of your home.

Damage & No insurance

You may have a situation where you allowed the insurance on your home to lapse and there has been extensive damage that you cannot repair. Getting the home fixed is beyond your control, but you are in a position where you have to sell.

Foreclosure Has Started

You may have wanted to sell your home, but circumstances have caused the home to go into foreclosure and you see no way out.

While all of these are worse case scenarios, there are some alternatives. The team at Senna House Buyers understands how difficult it may be, especially if you have unforeseen circumstances driving your decision to sell. We buy homes in any condition to help you get the funds you need right away.

How Does This Work?

We get all the information on your home through a simple phone call, assess the property, find out how much you need, and call you back with an offer. It’s as simple as that. We are a family-run business and understand what it means to be in need. When you work with Senna House Buyers, you become a part of our family too!

You’ll never have to wonder whether someone will buy your house in Houston again! At Senna House Buyers, we work with you to get the job done!