Get a House Buyer in Houston That Treats You as More Than a Number

The home selling process can sometimes be impersonal. In many cases, it can make you feel like just a number. The more listings a real estate agents gets, the more commissions they will ultimately make , even if they aren’t the agent that makes the final sale. In fact, if any Houston, TX area real estate agent is honest with you, at one time or another they were told “real estate is a numbers game.”

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Your Real Estate Sales Options

If selling your Houston property through a real estate agent “is a numbers game” it is even more so with if you try to sell your house yourself. The number of hours you will spend, the number of dollars it will cost you, the number of people you will escort through your home may not add up to be a profitable decision. There is another choice that can be much more personal and expedient.

Selling Your Home to Senna House Buyers

At Senna House Buyers, we are not real estate agents nor are we a giant real estate investment firm. We are a family owned local company, consisting of a father/son team. Unlike some real estate investors, we are not interested in taking advantage of people who need to sell their real estate as we are in building our businesses. We are doing that through personal, attentive service that will help you sell your home fast, for cash.

The Senna House Buyer Advantage

Selling your Houston area real estate has never been easier, quicker, or simpler. With Senna House Buyers, we view your property and make an offer. If you accept our offer we go to work to get to the closing process as quickly as possible. We can close on your home and have cash in your pocket in as little as two weeks. Compare that to the months and months it can take selling your home by yourself or through a real estate broker.

A Senna House Buyers, it is important to us that your experience is a good one. It is how we are building our business. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. We help Houston home owners in a variety of situations where they may want to sell their homes without delay. No matter what condition your property is in, contact Senna House Buyers, your house buyer in Houston. We will treat you like more than just a number.