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    What factors affect how much Senna will pay for my house?

    The biggest factors that determine what we can pay for your house is the market, and the condition of the property. The market changes from day to day. The good news is, when we come out to the property to meet with you we will show you what houses in your area are selling for, and we’ll show you exactly how we calculated the cost of repairs and updates. After dealing with us you’ll be more than certain you’ve received a fair offer.

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    What is your process for buying my house?

    Our process is very easy and straightforward!

    You can either give us a call, or you can contact us through our website. At this point, one of our buyers will call and touch base with you. You’ll be speaking either with Alex or Kyle, who will ask you questions about your situation and your home. This is to help us determine what your best path forward is. It may not be a cash offer, but after talking to us you'll have a much clearer picture.

    After the initial call we will schedule a property visit, and during the visit we’ll walk you through our process of estimating repairs and formulating your best path forward. Once we agree on that path, everything gets delivered to the title company. At that point, you’ll meet Lucy, who will be your transaction coordinator. Her job is to make sure you’re kept in the loop at all times so we can all work together to meet your closing deadline!

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    Why is your house buying service the best in Houston?

    No other house buying company in Houston is going to work harder to structure the right deal to buy your home. Also, no other house buying company in Houston has the Senna $500 Gaurantee, where if we don’t close on your home we will pay you $500! Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We promise transparency and honesty to all of our sellers and if, at any point, you’re not satisfied with the process, you’re invited to directly reach out to Sam Craven, our CEO. Can you name another company who gives you that kind of access?


  • Senna House Buyers

    Incredible honesty
    I would trust Senna House Buyers the next time I need to sell my house, too.

    My home had a lot of damage, and I just couldn’t afford to fix it myself. I thought I’d never be able to sell. But Senna came to the rescue. They gave me a fair offer that put cash in my pocket. Now I don’t have to worry about those repairs any more.

    Jessica J.
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  • Senna House Buyers

    The right people to turn to
    They’re not just home buyers, they’re problem solvers.

    When I was going through my divorce I really needed to sell the house fast. But I was afraid of getting ripped off. Senna chose to make everything really clear and easy to understand. They’re true professionals who helped me a great deal.

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