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We help determine what your house is actually worth.

Senna House Buyers believes in educating our clients to they can make the best decision FOR THEM. Our Free Home Valuation will provide you what your house is worth, or could be worth if you decide to do the repairs on your own. Not sure how much your repairs or updates will cost?  Follow this link to learn about our repair estimation guide. Once you know what the repairs or upgrades will cost, you will know what the house could sell for once the repairs are complete. At this point, you will have everything you need to decide if you want to put the time and cash into getting the house ready for the market or if you want to sell it to Senna House Buyers with an As-Is CASH OFFER.

What we provide to educate clients on the value of their house:

  • List of all similar properties that sold in the neighborhood recently
  • Pictures of the subject properties (use these pictures to determine any necessary upgrades)
  • Days on the market for each property (provides an expectation on the time it takes to sell)
  • Our expert evaluator will tell you what the house could be worth, and will even provide an idea of the work needed to reach a higher value.

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