The Filthiest House in Houston… and We Would Buy It!

You may have seen the article recently shared in the news. The article detailed the rise and fall of a 3,500 square foot brick and stone cottage that had recently fallen into disrepair. Actually, disrepair would be a drastic understatement. This is a home that, three years ago, stood as a pillar in its neighborhood. It had beautiful hardwood floors and was well taken care of. Then it became home to a dozen dogs, a half-dozen cats and even a pot-belly pig. The home is now filled with animal feces, abandoned furniture and walls stained from who knows what. It contains trash and fast food bags and carries a stench that is hard to imagine. It has earned the name of “Houston’s Filthiest House.”

Dirty House We'll Buy
This isn’t an actual shot of this house, but close.

We Would Still Buy It

In spite of this home’s odor, trash, and filth, Senna House Buyers would still buy it. When they say they will buy homes in any condition, they are serious. They look beyond even drastic circumstances like those involving “Houston’s Filthiest House” and will pay cash for houses, even in this bad of shape. They buy houses that are filthy, in disrepair, have foundation problems, have been damaged by floods or fire and more. They buy homes “as is” and put cash into the hands of eager owners who want to move on with life.

One of Many Reasons to Sell to Senna House Buyers

Getting cash out of a house that has fallen into such major disrepair is just one of many reasons Senna House Buyers helps homeowners who need to sell quickly. Some are going through a divorce. Others have tax problems that need to be addressed quickly. Still, others have simply been left with a property they have no use for. In all of these situations and more, Senna House Buyers can help.

Not a Traditional Sales Process

Senna House Buyers can get cash in the hands of sellers in weeks not months. Senna House Buyers is not a real estate agency. They are a family-owned real estate investment team ready to move quickly with distressed properties or to help owners eager to sell. Senna House Buyers is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau and is building their business on ethical transactions. You may not have “Houston’s Filthiest House” but they can help get cash in your hands quickly. Contact the most forgiving house buyer in Houston, Senna House Buyers, today!