Here’s What Makes the Senna Team Most Trustworthy

You may find yourself needing to sell your Houston house quickly for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are going through a divorce or bankruptcy. You may be experiencing tax issues or are having tenant problems. If you want in Houston to sell your house fast, you have a choice of real estate agents and… Read more »

Sell Your House Quickly in Any Housing Market

As is well known, the Houston housing market can be volatile. While the region’s economy has somewhat diversified, it is still highly tied into the swings in oil prices and the health of the oil industry. It is, however, possible to sell your house fast in Houston or in any housing market if sellers are… Read more »

Get Cash Quickly; It’s Not a Scam, Seriously!

Do you need cash quickly? Are you afraid you may get scammed by selling your Houston, TX area home to a home investor? You don’t have to worry if you contact Senna House Buyers. Senna House Buyers is a family owned company that is building their business one quality, successful transaction at a time. They… Read more »

The Filthiest House in Houston… and We Would Buy It!

You may have seen the article recently shared in the news. The article detailed the rise and fall of a 3,500 square foot brick and stone cottage that had recently fallen into disrepair. Actually, disrepair would be a drastic understatement. This is a home that, three years ago, stood as a pillar in its neighborhood…. Read more »

Think Your House is Unsellable? We Can Buy It!

Most, if not all, Houston house sellers would prefer to sell their house quickly. Nobody wants to have dozens of prospects walking through their house, opening their drawers and inspecting their closets. Not many enjoy the negotiating process and dealing with low-ball offers. There aren’t many sellers who can smile while they pay a real… Read more »

Here’s Some 2016 Housing Market Predictions

2016 promises to be an interesting year for real estate. Real estate trends tend to be regional and that is indeed what is expected in the coming year. Real Estate Trends Across the Country While real estate has been extremely hot on the West and Northeast coasts in recent years, that is expected to temper… Read more »

What is the Senna Difference?

For those that wish to sell their Houston, TX area homes quickly, there are few options. Traditional real estate listings can take months. Selling a house by oneself can be a lengthy and frustrating process! There is another option that is growing in popularity. For those seeking to sell their home quickly, real estate investors… Read more »

Here’s How to a Sell House Fast, Houston!

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15 Things a Thrifty Houston House Buyer Can Do

Any Houston house buyer in search of ways to buy a house more inexpensively can use these 15 thrifty tips in buying a house. Look for homes in need of repair. Fixer uppers can save buyers significantly, especially if they can do some of the repair work themselves. Even if the home needs repair, make… Read more »

Houston: Sell Your House Fast! (10 Quick Tips)

If you live in the Houston, TX area and need to sell your home fast, here are ten quick tips to help you accomplish your goal. Use Social Media Use your social media pages to let people know you are selling your home. Be sure to include photos and perhaps include a “referral bonus” if… Read more »