Senna House Buyers was Featured on AM 1070!

Senna House Buyers’ very own Mat Trenchard was featured on Real Estate Wealth Building Mindset with Steve Rozenberg on AM 1070! Mat Trenchard Shares His Real Estate Investing Expertise Mat discussed how real estate investing works for both house sellers and house buyers. He shared his wisdom on the ins and outs of selling a… Read more »

Need to Sell a House? Too Many Repairs?

Here’s an easy solution. You shouldn’t have to worry about the prospect of selling your house. If your home needs upgrades that you’re unwilling to make, or you’re dealing with inherited properties, a real estate investor can help you. Here’s what real estate investors do. Real estate investors acquire properties and fix them up to… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Use a Home Investor

First with a home investor, you can sell your house quickly in any housing market and regardless of your situation. Furthermore, with a home investor, not only can you sell your house quickly, but you can sell your house for cash. A home investor will buy your house quickly and conveniently. Quick & Convenient Way… Read more »

Stuck in Mortgage Debt? We Can Help.

When mortgage payments build up, they build up so rapidly that they can quickly become daunting. Mortgage payments that exceed the homeowner’s ability to pay back leave that individual or family with very few options. Are you stuck in mortgage debt? If so, selling your house through short sale may be the best for you…. Read more »

Avoid This Popular House Selling Myth

When it comes to selling a house, many claim to be experts. Unfortunately, there is a lot of advice being thrown around that simply isn’t true. There is one myth that is most often shared regarding the successful sale of your house. Avoid falling for this to improve your chances of selling your house successfully… Read more »

Learn the Quickest Way to Sell Your House

There are ways that you can effectively sell your house quickly, regardless of its condition. Sell your house to a quality real estate investor, and you can get cash for your house, quickly. The Problem with Real Estate Agents With a real estate agent, your house could sit on the market for weeks or months,… Read more »

Looking to Sell Your House? There’s Better Options.

Are you getting ready to sell your Houston area house? Are you prepared for the sometimes lengthy and bumpy road that may lie ahead? Selling a property is an involved legal and negotiation process that can take much longer than some homeowners are prepared for. Here’s a closer look at the traditional way of selling… Read more »

What Can Home Investors Do for You?

If you are considering the sale of a house, your first thought may be to sell it through the traditional real estate process. This is where you prepare your home for sale, improve its curb appeal, list it with a realtor, and have people come through your house, either through set appointments or perhaps via an… Read more »

Sell Your House Fast for Instant Stress Relief

Selling a home can be stressful. What do you need to do to improve “curb appeal”? What improvements should you make to get your maximum value? How do you price your home and how much will a real estate agent charge to sell your home? Do you have to clean closets and cabinets and stage… Read more »

Yes, Your House Can Really Sell That Fast!

Do you want to sell your Houston house fast? Perhaps do you even need to sell your Houston house fast due to a divorce, tax lien, problem tenants, or because you simply want to move on with life? No matter what your reasons, it is possible to sell your Houston area home quickly with the… Read more »