Houston: Sell Your House Fast! (10 Quick Tips)

If you live in the Houston, TX area and need to sell your home fast, here are ten quick tips to help you accomplish your goal.

Sell Your House Houston

  1. Use Social Media
    1. Use your social media pages to let people know you are selling your home. Be sure to include photos and perhaps include a “referral bonus” if someone helps you sell your home.
  2. Make it Known You Want to Sell Fast
    1. You may get more offers if people know you want to sell you home quickly.
  3. Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning
    1. Make sure your home is spotless and ready to move it.
  4. Clear up Clutter
    1. Make sure your closets and cupboards look like they have plenty of room. Clear personal items like family photos and collections.
  5. Make Sure Your Home Has Curb Appeal
    1. Make sure landscaping is neatly trimmed and the yard is mowed.
  6. Pay Attention to Details
    1. Prospective home buyers will look at everything from leaky faucets to windows that stick. Make sure everything works.
  7. Be Prepared to Negotiate
    1. Selling your Houston home can involve a series of back and forth negotiations. Be prepared.
  8. Ask Potential Buyers is they are Pre-Approved for Financing
    1. Many sales fall through because a buyer couldn’t get a mortgage approved. That can delay the sales process significantly.
  9. Have an Open House
    1. Open houses can be a hassle but they can expose your home to more potential buyers.
  10. Consider Selling to an Investor
    1. Investors generally have ready cash and will buy your home “as is”. It is a hassle free way to get cash for your home quickly. Senna House Buyers of Houston can help.

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